Thursday, April 15, 2010

Celebrating Earth Day, 2010.

Welcome to the Mission Language Lab and ESL Listening. In recognition of Earth Day, we'll read and listen to six articles about nature. All six articles point to both nature's fragility and great strength and power. You can find the articles by clicking on the links. They are:

1. Mysterious Changes in the Forest, from Edcon publishing.

2. Natural Wonders of the World, from Voice of America.

3. Yosemite National Park, from Voice of America.

4. Antarctica. A Scientific Laboratory Like No Other in the World, from Voice of America.

5. The Grand Canyon: a True Wonder of the World, from Voice of America.

6. Death Valley, a Beautiful but Dangerous Place, from Voice of America.

7. PBS video, American Experience, "Earth Days": The story of the beginning of Earth Day and the important message of conservation and environmentalism it is intended to convey.

8. People in America: Rachel Carson, the author of "Silent Spring". This is the book that launched the environmentalist movement. From Voice of America.

In addition, you can enjoy this film clip from the great B.B.C. series,
Planet Earth.

You're welcome to write a comment at the end of this post. Also, if you'd like to write something about how nature has touched you personally, you're welcome to submit an essay of any length. Just enclose your essay in an email and send it to Your essay will be edited and published in the New Mission Journal with an appropriate photo from you or from the internet.

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