Monday, January 11, 2010

"Trapped in Death Valley", Comprehension Check.

1. The leader of the Sand Walking Company was ___________ .

a. Reed Donner.
b. William Manly.
c. John Rogers.
d. Captain Hunt.

2. This leader was strongly against taking a short cut __________ .

a. through the mountains.
b. through the gold mines.
c. through the desert.
d.through the Sierras.

3. In all probability, the group that followed Manly would have had less trouble if they followed ____________.

a. the Sierra family.
b. Captain Hunt.
c. Juliette Brier.
d. John Rogers.

4. The group followed a stream called ___________ .

a. Furnace Creek.
b. San Fernando.
c. White Gold Creek.
d. Panamint Creek.

5. The powdery mineral which contaminated most of the springs was _________ .
a. sand.
b. borax.
c. gold.
d. table salt.

6. A sudden winter storm caused flowers to spring up __________ .

a. just before the two men left to get help.
b. long after the two men returned.
c. before any of the oxen were killed for
their meat.
d. after the two men had gone for help.

7. Juliette thought of the flowers as a _____________ .

a. sign of hope.
b. sign of winter.
c. dream.
d. sign to pray.

8. A more detailed account of this story might be found in a book on ________ .
a. deserts of the world.
b. western expansion.
c. rocks and minerals.
d. the gold rush.

9. Another name for this selection could be _________ .

a. "Vacationing in Death Valley."
b. "Beware: Death Valley."
c. "Searching for Borax."
d. "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to California."

10. This selection is mainly about _________ .

a. a wagon party stranded by blizzards.
b. the Donner party's mistake.
c. the Sand Walking Company.
d. the little band who were the first to cross Death Valley.

"Trapped in Death Valley"

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