Thursday, December 25, 2008

"The Diamond Lens" Comprehension Check.

1. When I was ten years old, I became interested in

a water drop.
a microscope.
a fortune teller.
a bottle of wine.

2. The fungus in my mother's jam became for me

a sickening sight.
a beautiful world.
a source of food.
a medicine.

3. When I was twenty years old, I went to New York. There, I

continued my experients with the microscope.
studied medicine.
hung out with drunks.
became a fortune teller.

4. The microscope I worked with in New York

was perfect.
made me very happy.
wasn't strong enough.
had a powerful lens.

5. The fortune teller, Madame Vulpes,

was a fake.
murdered my friend Simon.
was able to speak to the dead.
was able to find a good lens.

6. It just so happened that my upstairs neighbor, Simon

had the diamond I needed.
had two bottles of great wine.
had a beautiful sister.
had a better lens for my microscope.

7. I determined to steal Simon's diamond by

looting his apartment while he was away.
getting him very drunk.
creating a disturbance in the building.
picking his pocket.

8. When I looked through the diamond lens I saw in a water drop with oil

Simon's ghost.
a beautiful woman.
the inventor of the microscope.
an orchard with edible fruit.

9. This story is mainly about
a scientific breakthrough.

a man who has no human feeling.
a callous, serial killer.
a man who shrinks to the size of water drop.

10. Another name for this story could be

The story of the microscope.
murder in New York.
A fortune teller's discovery.
A seeker's tragic life

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